Getting Started

Need help Signing up for MyCRA account? Or want to know how to authorize a representative? Read below for instructions on how  to so . 


To create a CRA account, follow the instructions below:

Go to CRA to create a website for Individuals: CRA Website

Table of Contents

If you don't have a CRA Account - Register

Ways to sign-in
  1. Sign-In via Partners ( online banking)
  2. CRA
  3. Sign-In With MyAlberta Digital ID or BC Service Card
For Method 1 and 3 -> Follow the instructions as directed

CRA Method


You will answer questions regarding your person info. Make sure you know or have these documents on hand before continuing.

  • SIN Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Code
  • A copy of your last tax return  

Can not find your T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return

  • CRA – CRA usually sends s a copy to your address after filing your tax

                   – If misplaced call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281 for your copy of your T1

  • Turbotax, Ufile or other Tax Software
                   – If you used any of these tax software, you can find your filled T1 form on their site
                   – Double check if the year is correct
  • Rocket CPA
                   – If we filled your personal tax return, send us an email at and we will forward you a copy


Once ready Scroll to Option 2.

Click CRA Register. 

Refer to the picture below for reference

Validate Identity

The site will prompt you to answer some question to verify  your identity.

Fill in the Your Personal Info
  1. Fill in your Postal Code and DOB (Date of Birth).
  2. The last question might be different compared to the picture above. This question is randomized every time you refresh. Refer to your T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return to answer these questions

You will then be asked to create a CRA user ID and password.
You will also be required to create security questions and answers.

Once finished the registration process you will have limited access to MyCRA.

Once you have received your security code and inputted into CRA you will have full access to MyCRA.

Once you have full access you can proceed with the next step below.

Authorization of Representative

Follow the steps below to give authorization to a representative:

Login into your CRA Account.

Click Profile.

Scroll to the Authorized Representative section.

Click +Add.

Click Start.

Enter our Business Number (BN):  793 151 887 and click Search.

Find Rocket CPA and Click Next.


Authorization Level
  • Authorization Level: Level 2.
  • Online Access: Yes.
  • Expiry Date: Can be left empty

Confirm the information and click submit


Once successful, you will see a confirmation like the picture below.

Authorization is now complete. 

Let us know when this step is completed. 🙂 

Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to email us at for further assistance.