Corporate Tax Returns, Without the Stress

Get your return completed in 7 business days. How do we do it? At Rocket, our Chartered Professional Accountants help small businesses in Canada with all aspects of tax preparation and corporate tax. Worry less with our professional accountants taking care of your annual filings.

Get your corporate tax return completed in 7 days.

The difference is in the Rocket process – we’ve completed enough returns that we know how to make this often stressful time as smooth as possible.

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Here's how it's done

1. Initial meeting

We meet with you to better understand your business objectives, i.e. to minimize taxes or seek funding.

2. Document request

We set it up so you can quickly and securely send your files.

3. Initial preparation

We get to work on your files.

4. First round of questions

We look for additional expenses or anything not captured in bookkeeping.

5. First review to client

We send a draft return for you to review.

6. Second review and adjustments if needed

If there’s any feedback in the last step, we’ll make the changes and send it back.

7. Wrap-up meeting and finalizing the return.

We go over your return on the phone or Zoom, provide planning and strategy recommendations, and prepare to file your return.

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Case Study - Saving $16,808 in Taxes

Company: Pedro General Contracting and Drainage Ltd.

Owner: Pedro Rego

After many years of experience in the industry, Pedro decided to start his own construction company in the Fraser Valley. He found success and grew quickly, but without any accounting expertise, he knew he would face a massive tax bill at the end of the year.


Luckily, Pedro reached out to us before his corporate tax year-end date, and we were able to create a tax strategy for him and his family, saving them a combined $18,000 in corporate and personal taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about corporate tax returns.

Yes, you can, but you will most likely miss out on eligible expense claims and tax planning that’ll cover the cost of an accountant’s fees. Also, if done incorrectly, CRA will inquire – which would lead to more of your time being wasted or potential refiling of the return.

Every Single Year. In the first year of incorporation, you can choose your year-end date. (It cannot be longer than 12 months after the date of incorporation) and then your taxes are due three months after your fiscal year end date.

Everywhere in Canada except Québec.

Flat Fee Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.

Annual Corporate Tax Return​

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For growing businesses who want to stop wasting time and outsource their bookkeeping with their financial operations, planning, and management.

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“After switching our accountant’s to Rocket, we have much more clarity in our business. We also have never paid another late filing fee due to the team at Rocket Accounting being proactive and reaching out prior to any deadlines. Highly recommend them to any small business owners.”

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